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Boost Entrepreneurial Success with Practical, Purpose-Driven Workshops

Are you an organization in Berlin or Europe dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and fostering a thriving community? 

Our methodology is designed to empower your members with the tools and strategies they need to validate their ideas, grow their businesses, and create sustainable revenue streams.

Seeing entrepreneurs who feel alone, frustrated and are stuck at some point in creating their business has been my calling to offer my experience and knowledge to professionalize marketing in businesses in an easy, intuitive way and with your purpose as a starting point.

Why Choose Our Workshops?

Empower Entrepreneurs

Equip your community with practical tools and strategies for success.

Holistic Approach

Focus on both business growth and personal development.

Community Building

Strengthen connections and foster collaboration among participants.

Workshop: Start with clarity

Helping entrepreneurs validate their ideas and strengthen their foundation.

  1. Idea Validation:
    • Learn practical strategies to test and validate your business ideas, ensuring they meet market needs and have the potential for success.
  2. Foundation Building:
    • Establish a solid foundation for your business by defining your mission, vision, and core values, setting the stage for long-term growth.
  3. Clear Roadmap:
    • Develop a clear, actionable roadmap for launching your business, including goal setting, resource planning, and initial marketing strategies.

Workshop: Grow with purpose

Guiding entrepreneurs in creating structured systems for growth.

  1. Structured Systems:
    • Create and implement structured systems for your business operations, improving efficiency and scalability.
  2. Sustainable Growth:
    • Learn techniques for sustainable growth, focusing on customer retention, consistent revenue streams, and expanding your market reach.
  3. Purpose-Driven Strategies:
    • Align your business growth with your core values and purpose, ensuring that every step you take contributes to your long-term vision and impact.

Workshop: Purpose-Driven Marketing

Tailor-made workshops to meet your specific goals and challenges.

  1. Customized Marketing Strategies:
    • Empower your entrepreneurs with tailored marketing strategies that align with their specific goals, target audience, and industry. Our workshop helps them leverage their unique strengths and resources to create impactful and effective marketing campaigns.
  2. Align Marketing with Core Values:
    • Guide your entrepreneurs to ensure their marketing efforts reflect their business’s core values and mission. We teach them how to create authentic and meaningful connections with their audience by integrating purpose-driven messaging into their brand story and marketing materials.
  3. Impact Measurement and Adaptation:
    • Equip your entrepreneurs with the skills to measure the impact of their marketing campaigns effectively. Our workshop provides insights into analyzing key metrics and feedback, allowing them to adapt and refine their strategies to enhance engagement, reach, and overall success.

Discover How Our Workshops Can Benefit Your Organization

What Sets Us Apart?


Design workshops tailored to your organization's needs.

Practical Focus

Emphasize real-world applications over theory.

Inclusive Environment

Foster a supportive, collaborative community.

I am Adri

I embarked on this project after spending several years in Germany and observing many moms who felt compelled to work in whatever they could rather than what they truly desired. I realized that each of these women had dreams, good ideas, and plenty of talent that were not being utilized, neither by themselves nor by others.
I found myself in a similar situation... and saw marketing (one of my passions) and entrepreneurship as spaces where I could contribute based on my experience (over 15 years in large companies) and my knowledge.

My own journey led me to discover my purpose and confront my fears as I embarked on my own entrepreneurial path.

Today, I'm thrilled to support women worldwide in this process, simplifying the journey towards purpose-driven marketing, even for those who aren't experts in the field.

I want purpose-driven business

to transcend borders 

and take their projects 

to the world.


I started my startup having technical and product knowledge. We saw that we lacked connecting with our audience because we lacked retaining our community. of travelers Adri helped me authentically understand why she was creating Si DeUna, and from that reason, connect with our community. We saw the results in the increase in engagement. We work together on communication on social networks, direct messages and LinkedIn with our community. This was the "game changer" of working with her. I totally recommend Adriana because she helps you peel back all the layers you have when running your business, to get to the essentials. From there, you will see your business flourish with concrete results.

Catalina Sierra - Si de Una

Working with Adriana is a pleasure. With her, ideas flow easily, she knows how to accompany you gently while she proposes key questions. The first time I met with her I wanted to finish outlining my purposeful venture. With it I defined my offer more clearly and launched my website. After that first time others followed. Now I consider her part of my team. Every time I propose a new project I count on her experience and know-how.

Leticia Martínez - El Faro de Leti

I was full of ideas and didn't have a strong message to give. Working with Adri I began to find that message. I felt that the themes of motherhood and family brought up too many possibilities for me. We work on focusing and connecting with an audience from a message. I had a hard time finding a niche, I wanted to speak to everyone. 
Understanding and speaking to specific segments allowed me to create much more powerful messages. 
Adri is an incredibly intuitive woman who connects with what one is and what one needs and working with her is not like with most people who have a methodology that you must adapt to, she evaluates everything that is available, what truly works in each case, for each person and for each project. Since there is no single formula that works for all of us, being able to have one person help look at all the formulas, which one works for me, is a great help.

Cata Heincke - Caminos en Espiral

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