I'm Adri Giraldo. I am the mom of María Belén and Santiago. I studied Industrial Engineering, education and marketing are two great passions. I have worked in marketing at large technology companies for over 15 years. Today I live outside the country where I was born and raised. I decided to start a business because I believe that each person has something unique to offer the world.
My purpose is to help women connect their projects with the world.

These values drive me forward

By trusting life, ourselves, and others, we focus and take charge of what we can do.

Being aware of the learning that each life experience brings enhances our personal growth.

By being authentic, we connect with people we identify with and situations that drive our path.

By collaborating with others, we enhance both our own abilities and those of others.

By treating ourselves and others kindly, we transform the world into a more benevolent place to live.


We want to see our project grow.

We are unique women.
We are women who do a lot and never stop.
We want a balanced work and personal life.
We have ideas that inspire, bring joy, and/or improve someone's life... many people's lives.
Even if everything isn't perfect, we keep moving forward.
We want to have clients, but the good ones, those who share our values.
Having income is important to us.
We enjoy what we do.

In over 15 years as a marketer, I have shown that...
Marketing is not about boasting how wonderful we are or deceiving.
Marketing is about connecting, exciting, inspiring.
It's not about following the latest trend,
It's about building a path of actions tailored to the size and stage of your project,
where you communicate and listen from the heart.

So, with an authentic marketing strategy,
that project, which begins within you, is released to the world and you watch it grow.

My Story...

It all began with a vision in 2016, which came to fruition four years later. I had lost my job and, guided by my best friend, we did a purpose visualization exercise. Even after starting a new job, I kept remembering my vision and trying to pave a path in that direction. It was with a drastic change, when we moved to another country, that I began to dedicate many hours to delving into my purpose, getting to know myself better, and solidifying my Project.

Three times in my life I have lived outside my country, and each of these experiences was a response to a request, to something I felt inside me and wanted and needed to live.

Experiences around the world

During my career, I lived several months in Canada; at that time, what I asked life for was to open my mind to the world. I studied English at a university, met people from many cultures, and had my first experience away from my family.

Love, a great request to life, took me to Argentina in 2004, where I lived for 8 years. There, my mind opened even more, and I lived in a culture that I love dearly, ate delicious food, and experienced a different and very direct way of working.

In 2016, I was living in my native country, Colombia. My job consumed many hours of my life, and every night I asked to spend more time with my two young children, aged 3 and 4. I never imagined that the answer would come when we moved to Berlin for a job opportunity for my husband.

That was the beginning of the life I have today!

Last(?) stop...

I am aware that God and life have answered my requests. I am proud to have been born in Colombia and happy because every place I have lived has brought beautiful experiences to my being.

Since my arrival in 2018, I have dedicated my time to many activities:

Adapting to our new life with a new language
Training myself
Developing my business plan
Reconnecting with myself

My day-to-day life has been a roller coaster of emotions: gratitude, anticipation, fear, curiosity, and also wanting to do everything right!I have discovered over these years that when I am focused, resources come, and my path opens up.

Everything comes together...

I worked for many years in technology companies, which allowed me to always stay ahead in MARKETING, my area of expertise and favorite. 
From this area, I have helped small businesses with strategies to communicate and acquire new customers.

I have built a project that allows me to:

Support women using the best tools and guide them to incorporate these tools into their own projects, so they can define their ideal customer and value proposition, find an authentic way to connect with their customers, and establish a communication and market growth plan.